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-Over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales of health products-

We are Sevex Pharma Ltd.! A pharmaceutical company with a rich past and a look into the future, which offers innovative health products on the Bulgarian market from proven European manufacturers.

Our history began in 1997 and for more than 20 years we have continued to write it, adding health to the lives of our patients every day with efficient products that ensure a high level of safety and help them take care of their most valuable possession - health.

Sevex Pharma Ltd. has its own registration department, own warehouse, product management and marketing department, as well as a network of medical representatives, covering all regional centers in Bulgaria. Our medical representatives actively work with doctors of various specialties - pediatricians, internal medicine specialists, gynecologists, ENT specialists, endocrinologists, family doctors and others to make sure that they provide patients with the most effective solutions for their health.

We partner with proven pharmaceutical manufacturers, whose products we believe in and become undisputed leaders in the Bulgarian market.

Over 20 years
of experience

In marketing and sales

Excellent Sme

Issued by BCCI and
COFAS - Bulgaria

ISO Standart

Quality standard
EN ISO 9001:2015

Member of GBITC

Since its inception

-Quality products for quality life-

Our work begins with choosing the right product, behind which are clinically proven results and innovative technologies. The high quality and safety of our product portfolio is the main engine of our business model.

Our products are manufactured under strict control by leading European manufacturers and are approved by Bulgarian regulatory institutions. Behind them are many years of research, innovative technologies and safety studies, because we always strive to give our patients the best possible care.

We value the opinion of doctors because they best understand the needs of patients. Therefore, our guiding principle is to work with products that are recognized as effective by both patients and physicians. The established partnership with the largest distributors and pharmacies in Bulgaria guarantees that our products are easily accessible to Bulgarian patients.

For us, health care is of paramount importance, and it begins with prevention. That is why many of our solutions focus on how to protect our patients from diseases and unwanted complications.

We rely on natural and environmentally friendly herbal products that meet the highest requirements for quality, safety and efficiency.

-Our partners-

The companies we partner with have many years of experience in the production of pharmaceutical products, which are backed by innovative approaches and attention to patient health.

Knowledge of the local market, combined with our rich experience, creativity and constant striving to implement innovative solutions in the marketing mix, allow us to impose their products, achieving long-term and stable growth.


In 2017, Sevex Pharma Ltd. was awarded a certificate for \"Excellent Small & Medium Enterprise\", issued by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and COFAS - Bulgaria and certifying that we apply the best business practices in the industry.

Trading permits

Sevex Pharma Ltd. has all the necessary permits for wholesale of medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics. We also have our own licensed storage warehouse, which allows us to quickly and easily distribute our products throughout the country.


Sevex Pharma Ltd. is certified according to the requirements of the standard EN ISO 9001: 2015. Since 2004 Sevex Pharma is also a member of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GBITC).

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