What are we doing

What are we doing

-We add the most valuable-

For more than 20 years Sevex Pharma has been offering on the Bulgarian market innovative medicinal products, food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and raw materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical and filtration industry of leading European manufacturers.

Our experts work with established international manufacturers, and our extensive experience helps us meet the needs of the Bulgarian market with innovative and high quality products and therapies that lead to positive change.

Our experience in the successful introduction of new drugs, good knowledge of the market and our constant pursuit of innovation make us a preferred partner in the Bulgarian market.

-Care for our patients-

We know how to help our patients by offering them high quality products that are proven to be effective and ensure a high level of safety.

As experts in marketing and sales, we have participated in the evolution of many foreign brands on the Bulgarian market. Many of them today are market leaders and have become a recognizable and proven brand for both patients and medical professionals.

with pharmacists

Sevex Pharma works closely with pharmacists across the country through a team of sales representatives to provide the best possible patient care. The company traditionally participates in the annual national and regional events for pharmacists. Sevex Pharma also supports students graduating in pharmacy by offering them opportunities for training and acquiring practical skills.

with doctors

Sevex Pharma has experience in building long-term and stable partnerships with doctors. Our medical representatives make daily contacts with leading doctors of various specialties. All products have gone through prior consultation with medical professionals to ensure that they will be the most appropriate solution for our patients. Sevex Pharma also supports the professional development of doctors through a network of seminars and trainings, which aim to acquaint them with the latest best practices in the industry.

-Main directions of our activity-

  • Medicinal products and food supplements
  • Active and auxiliary substances; in vitro tests; antiseptics and disinfection
  • Raw materials for construction / chemical industry

  • through its own warehouse for medicinal products

  • own department for registration of medicinal products according to the Bulgarian legislation and for accurate and timely communication with the regulatory institutions

  • Market analysis
  • Creating 360-degree integrated marketing strategies to impose the product on the Bulgarian market
  • A network of medical representatives covering the entire territory of the country
  • Specialized software - monitoring, control and evaluation of sales and the work of medical representatives

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